Claws’ Cubs Have Arrived!

Claws N PawsCLAWS ‘N’ PAWS—a unique animal experience tucked away in the beautiful mountainesque scenery surrounding Lake Ariel has been welcoming generations of guests for over 40 years. Using the term “guests” loosely, the popular Wild Animal Park recently welcomed two new arrivals July 28—Rashmi and Devika.

A little furry, plenty playful and ready to call the park home, these magnificent snow leopard cubs are an absolute eyeful! Just under 10 pounds Rashmi “Ray of Sunlight” and Devika “Little Goddess” pack a lot of energy into tiny packages. When they’re not following their feline instincts pacing the perimeter of their enclosure, they’re tumbling around one another enjoying the attention of onlookers.

Claws co-founders Vince and Bobbi Hall consider the pair “adorable.” Telling sights were set on adding the cubs for some time.

“I said I am going to get us some snow leopards,” tells Bobbi admitting the typical place to find her husband Vince in recent days is right by their side as he has with all the animals.

Offering the not so typical zoo visit, Claws’ exhibits place guests face to face with a diverse collection of over 130 entertaining animals.

“We wanted to make it as natural as we could,” says Vince describing the 30+ acre Pocono Mountains facility. Comforting shaded trails compliment the amazing animal sights throughout the zoo.

One of his favorite exhibits, the Lory Parrot Feeding Area invites kids and adults alike to “Ring the dinner bell” with a daily meal for an assortment of colorful winged wonders.

The Agosta family visiting from Duchess County considers “Interacting with the animals,” mixed with “CLAWS ‘N’ PAWS rustic natural feel” the draw that brought them back for a repeat visit. Mom Lori agrees joining husband Dave and daughter Brianna “Up close” with the other Lorys (parrots that is) is tops.

Ready to head over to catch the “Keeper Connection” and learn more about those clever cubs, Emily Mathis hurries along with sis Abby joined by mom and dad, Marci and Steve. The New Jersey family vacationing near Bushkill admits they were eager to see the sights with a post parrot feeding crossed of their list of to-do’s.

Welcoming all to enjoy the unique CLAWS ‘N’ PAWS experience 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily now through mid-October, the Wild Animal Park’s GPS Address is 1475 Ledgedale Road, Lake Ariel, PA 18436.

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