Woehrles Bait ShopDeep in the heart of Pocono Mountain territory sits a fisherman’s prerequisite for luring the region’s top catches. Follow most cast lines and you’ll likely find an alluring Woehrle’s Bait Shop critter on the hook ready to bait everything from NEPA rivers’ Large Bass and Pike, to lakes’ Catfish.

Known as “THE Pocono Bait Shop,” this Mount Pocono site’s line on anglers’ needs, along with when and where to use it, has owner Jeff Woehrle looking back admiring the timeline of his bait shop.

Over 40 years ago, a 15 year old Woehrle, began trapping minnows as a hobby. Since then his passion for supplying the sport has evolved adding mail-order worms that developed an impressive nationwide dealer following.

“It never stopped growing,” he says.

Flourishing from creepy crawlers fish find irresistible, coupled with an understanding of the logistics in acquiring just the right bait like the daunting Hellgrammite, Woehrle’s expertise surfaces as he describes this Dobsonfly larva commonly used in river fishing. While elusive in Pennsylvania, as it cannot be caught and sold in the Commonwealth, a line on where to properly acquire the critter out of state boosts the tackle titan to top ranks among followers.

A March start and October waterway wane, Woehrle appreciates the warm weather rush with 11 year staffer Rita Morris by his side though admitting, “I do like that it slows a little in the winter time so I can recharge.”

Recognizing these loyal patrons also netting a second generation to his local destination, he extends his gratitude with applause for introducing today’s youth to the love of the increasingly popular outdoor sport.

Pocono Did You Know REV

Check out this interesting tidbit Woehrle’s Bait Shop dug up…

Did you know…

The United States’ most popular bait for fishing actually comes from Canada!

The Canadian Nightcrawler’s wiggly worth reflects in over 600 million worms imported each year!

Important imports wouldn’t you agree?

Woehrle’s Bait Shop

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