Bushkill Falls Opens for the Season!

Geography Where to Be LGSigns of spring reveal marvels for the eyes to behold. As images of an ideal getaway yield the caveat it not be far away, many head to higher altitude for the certainty of witnessing nature’s uninterrupted beauty—the Pocono Mountains.

From exploring miles of hiking and bike trails, to getting your feet wet (or not) with wonderful ways to fish reeling in excitement over catching fruitful finds; there’s a seemingly endless assortment of things to see and do.

Christened “The Niagara of Pennsylvania,” Bushkill Falls obliges the urge to witness these natural wonders. As eight superlative waterfalls cascading over primeval rocks and slate walls that form part of the region’s uplands, Bushkill is considered one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful and dramatic natural sights.

The majestic main waterfall drops over the edge of a 100-foot cliff into a pool banked by ferns, mosses and wildflowers. From there, the falls plummet another 70 feet through a long gorge strewn with colossal boulders. Two streams flowing down the mountainside feed the falls, as trails and bridges winding through the area open doors to incredible views making a visit to Bushkill, a journey into the power and magnificence of nature.

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