For the Love of Racing

S and S Speedways LGFor 20 years S&S Speedways has fueled a passion for racing. Today, this Stroudsburg indoor go-kart facility continues to ignite the excitement that all began as a spark of inspiration shared between two kart racing pros.

Randy & Denise Smith met as teens on the circuit. A long family history of racing fostered a fierce passion for the sport with both achieving high ranking National Champion honors.

It’s their “lifelong passion for racing” that inspired the couple to create a destination for sharing this sensation with new and experienced riders. From groups that meet monthly assembling teams for a routine race; to occasions bearing little need for persuasion for one and all to join in the fun, the facility has grown to become a “home-away-from-home” for those with a passion for the sport.

“Private parties are very popular,” tells Denise with birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, holiday, corporate team building and “just for fun” parties grabbing a lot of attention, as well as “off season” practice.

“S&S Speedways is the perfect place to get seat time,” say Quarter Midget Racecar drivers Mackenzie and Gracie Hixon.

While the pair embraces warm weather track get-togethers, the 14 and 12 year agree this indoor opportunity keeps them in tune when the chill is in season admitting parties still rank high in their eyes gushing,” It’s an exciting and competitive place to have fun with friends.”

Taking things outdoors April to September, the Smith’s share Saturday nights promoting, plus fundraising, at Hamlin Speedway applauding families recently driving home over $5,000 for Vet Stock, a local chapter helping wounded vets in NEPA.

“It feels good to pay it forward and give back,” admits Denise.

Hamlin Speedway veteran, Brittany Erlsten also agrees, “It’s a great facility,”

Seizing multiple top five and two feature wins over the past three years, the 18 year old describes the thrill that comes from a cheering crowd especially certain fans in particular— “All my family and friends come to watch.”

With family ties of their own growing up around the sport, the Smith’s two children also have “racing in their blood.” While leaning toward the medical profession as a Physician’s Assistant, Shannon, swayed from the racing “bug;” older brother Ryan, competes in 410 Sprint Cars.

Though he considers big dirt tracks including Williams Grove and Lincoln speedways his modern day turf, he still lends a hand where he grew to love the sport—S&S Speedways.

S&S Speedways for the Love of Racing

7062 Route 209/ 2727 Hamlin East in Stroudsburg

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