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briar-patch-lg“Born from our love of the Christmas spirit dedicated to the child in all of us,” reads the plaque outside a rustic cabin doorway leading to The Briar Patch at Thornhurst Nurseries.

Twenty years since situated, Kathy and Steve Rector carry on that holiday experience considering the shop more of a “destination,” greeting guests with hot cider as they introduce a new generation to unique gifts and ganders like “The Deep Woods Santa.”

Covered in corduroy and a hearty ho-ho-ho, the figure new to some, delights the old and young igniting cheer as he strolls about the Christmas Tree Farm. Bells and boughs of holly lay across wood rail fencing lending a jolly alluring atmosphere along a path to the Patch.

Step inside; soon senses arise with the aroma of butterscotch and vanilla. No more than a foot through the door and steps cease at more as eyes gaze upon a magnificently restored sleigh surrounded by an array of folk art inspired creations.

“This is our pride and joy,” Kathy smiles, looking over at the century old masterpiece.

Brilliantly positioned red and amber tones illuminate room enticing a look deeper into the vast assortment of gift ideas leading to a large collection of soy candles. Grabbing a shelved apothecary jar, she opens the lid inviting a sniff of the intense oil blend.

Strolling further through, her stare appears to illustrate that of a new experience at displays. Though seen each day at will, a grin illustrates the thrill brought about by the Christmas spirit.

Embrace a new tradition with The Briar Patch…

The Briar Patch at Thornhurst Nurseries

Right outside Arrowhead Lake community at

278 Pine Grove Road in Thornhurst

570.842.8072 or 570.842.1266