Creek Does Catering?!?! Woohoo!

Oh yeah! It’s time to savor the flavor of some succulent grilled eats with Barley Creek Brewing Company all too willing to oblige. With warm weather igniting cravings for burgers, steaks and ribs; better slap on some bibs ’cause finger lickin’ feasting is on the menu at this popular Tannersville venue.

Thinking of hosting you own outdoor roasting but not too intrigued by the idea of a no seat retreat? Creek catering takes care of debates over who’ll cook over a hot grill for the plates. A lineup of clever cuisine includes Bar’s bearing fixings like Mashed Potato with shredded cheddar, even marshmallows and brown sugar for sweet potatoes. Of course there’s also options for a Wing, Nacho or Hot Dog bar with all the expected (and some unexpected) option concoctions.

With items subject to change, definitely choose a designee to reach out to Barley and arrange what suits your festivity best…just look to the left for what’s up at The Creek including contact info.