Under Foot Fact…

Looking for a floor with exceptional durability and performance to handle Pocono Mountains predicaments? Look no further than COREtec Plus!

With weather woes from snow boots, to wet towels fresh from the lake tormenting typical flooring, George Smith Flooring of Pocono Lake tells how COREtec Plus is a great alternative to glue down flooring, sheet vinyl or laminate flooring as it offers the look of real wood or tile with benefits.

100% waterproof, COREtec Plus can be installed in wet areas and won’t swell when exposed to water, plus it won’t expand or contract. Each COREtec Plus plank has an attached cork underlayment for a quieter, warmer vinyl floor that is naturally resistant to odor causing mold and mildew. Throw in scratch resistant and easy to care for and we’re guessin’ you’ll be there at George Smith Flooring’s showroom for a view of the entire COREtec Plus collection!

George Smith Flooring

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