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Summer’s in full swing, so creating a balanced blend of exhilarating outdoor fun and cool indoor creativity for kids is the thing many parents and caregivers consider top priority. Shawnee Playhouse plays the perfect role opening doors to the theater experience with children’s show options all can enjoy.

Adaptations of creations the likes of Annie Jr. and 101 Dalmatians Kids, whimsical performances featuring familiar characters share musical scores that rank high with irresistible sing-alongs. Whether a first time sight or repeat seat, kids and adults alike can’t help but rave over each onstage experience.

Set the stage for an affordable entertainment must see with each show’s tickets just $10. Deliberately scheduling plenty of daytime, with a few nighttime shows, these are a definite must go!

Grab tickets online or at the door with show dates, times and Shawnee Playhouse details