Experience Animals Close UP

Keeping a fresh perspective on experiencing wildlife expected, CLAWS ‘N’ PAWS Wild Animal Park considers educating visitors about critters top priority. Expanding an already magnificent reach to teach, this Lake Ariel destination provides social media pokes often spurring viewers to come see these amazing animals up close.

Offering a peek at the park online viewers can find photos and videos that give details about individual animals. Including particulars like a name and habits even help to alleviate a sometimes misunderstood status. By proudly displaying a passion for Warthogs, Bearded Dragons, even Snakes and Skunks; zookeepers grant peepers images of these clever creatures often unseen that more often than not ignite and interest for a park visit.

Agreeing hands-on learning is outstanding in understanding animals; guests enjoy periodic performances of educators illustrating critters with a closing feel. Petting fur, scales and feathers find families flocked together for photos of the unique experience. Now, there’s even events like Kids ‘N’ Critters Day focused on themes like how to be a Zookeeper for the day and more to explore.

While petting peculiar creatures is pretty awesome, other CLAW ‘N’ PAWS draws some equally impressive attention. Take one of their newest residents, Jethro the Giraffe. Arriving merely a few months ago, this towering sight blends in just right along with the likes of Lions, White Tigers, Bears and Snow Leopards.

Intrigued by the idea of a destination like CLAWS ‘N’ PAWS right here in the Pocono Mountains, we just had to experience it for ourselves. Following the trend to send a few photos and videos of our own, check out what we post then keep on following facts & events right here.


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FYI  Junior Admissions get $1 OFF during Kids ‘N’ Critters Day