Meet the Artist…

Planning makes perfect as The Shoppes at American Candle prepares for September 9’s visit from Jim Shore. With figurines on scene and ready for this stop in between the artist’s 15th Anniversary Signing Tour, missing out on one of your favorites or a new introduction would be unthinkable.

Situated along Route 611, the Bartonsville destination delivers a stroll down making-a-memory-lane with exquisite exhibits to take home for your own. Reserving works like Santas, Angels and a variety of playful Peanuts figurines, secures your sure to have a sign of your time meeting the talented creator.

So make time for SHORE in September, but stop at The Shoppes at American Candle for a tour today and grab a collectible to carry back in that day.

Open daily

The Shoppes at American Candle

3414 Route 611, Bartonsville, PA 18321

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