A Look Back at Lake Naomi

An excursion to Lake Naomi during a corporate stay at Skytop Lodge left Tom Fiers considering a change in habitat. More than 40 years later, Lake Naomi Real Estate’s still where he’s at assisting families who become friends find just the right rental spaces or transition to fulltime places.

“It worked,” he says describing success in his brother selling the first parcel of Lake Naomi land in 1964, then Timber Trails himself in ’73 for developer and longtime acquaintance Logan Steele.

Indicating a sense of “obligation” that followed, a reliable real estate conversion in the form of Lake Naomi Real Estate, was dutifully structured for when the time came to sell. Reporting a significant sum of internal sales, some from house to house with 40% from rentals to sales, he details the draw.

If enjoying one of the largest private lakes in the region isn’t reason to stick around, he’s found accessibility to be. Indicating a 100 mile radius of New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia as ability to commute, retreat for time away, or stay within reach of family. Adding-in seasonality with unceasing activity opportunities summer, fall, winter and spring; residents who like all or just one thing can find a picturesque setting playing a pivotal role.

Closing by contesting climate borders and directing toward investing in Pocono Mountains nesting; Fiers finishes reminding of Lake Naomi’s reputation as a “Family oriented community.” With festivals and fun final reasons why, he smiles reasoning you’ll never have to say goodbye.