A Countdown to Halloween Screams Mixed with Kid-Friendly Scenes

Local haunts have got top holiday jaunts speckled with a clever assortment of boos to choose. Having experienced more than a few, let’s focus first on night frights then ease our way to daytime play for all.

From a Monster Coaster ride where speed seems the need as you soar past trees filled with specters and ghoulies; to Lights Out 1000′ Double Barrel Zip Line with distant torch lights serving as guides on outside friend-against-friend ride, Camelback Resort comes through seizing a spot.

Don’t mistake these attractions as where the adrenaline action ends, Kartrite’s Kurse Haunted House sends the idea of dowsing frights right out the door. Mummys, monsters and clowns all hound until exit relief is found.



Lantern Tours ignite chills up the spine anywhere…anytime. Throw a deep dark cavern to the chaos and you’ve got a fearsome find that is Crystal Cave Haunted Lantern Tours.

Costumed guides give a glimpse inside sharing ghostly tales along the way. Listen closely as frightening footstep sounds and shadows creep around cave walls from dimly lit lanterns.


Embrace the darkness and harness Pocono TreeVentures Hallowscream Nights. Inviting those who dare, take to the air for Aerial Ropes and Night Zip Line rides plus.

Not into height-frights fuss?

The Haunted Trail is a definite must-see and what would Halloween be without a scary movie and pumpkin painting?!





Country Junction continues the Great Pocono Pumpkin Festival function everyday through October 29th. A long standing tradition focused on family friendly fun, it features daytime hayrides, a family corn maze, 3D Haunted House even a playground Ghost Ship to climb around!





Enjoy Spooky Days on the Farm with Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm delivering three delights. An opportunity to experience the “Eerie side of the farm” awaits as evening murder mystery dates mixed with family friendly day-views makes the venue one to choose. Adult admission is $8 and $5 for kids.