Camelback Debuts New Monster Mountain Attractions

Expanding Monster Mountain, Camelback Resort’s month-long Halloween attraction, comes with an overwhelming mix of October reactions. Exhilaration to fear (though not new this year) has the Tannersville destination seizing a spot as an absolutely superb holiday festivity address.

While Kids Fall Fest daylight adventures endure with festive classics like Pumpkin Painting, Kids Craft Zone, Apple Chuckin’ and a Spooky Trail; it’s the evening hours that shower the mountainside with hide-and-shrieks. Debuting the 4,500-foot Monster Coaster, eight-story Lights Out Zip Line, and intensifying the size of Kartrite’s Kurse Haunted House erupts the excitement.

Race past ghouls, specters and other animatronics phantoms of the forest as Monster Coaster makes mayhem over the only mountain coaster in the tri-state area. Then, soar through the night sky with merely a distant lantern light for the eye as Lights Out Zip Line plunges passengers by.

Think an ease-up on adrenaline is in order?

Not with special effects and live actors perpetually portraying scene-after-scene of horrific means in Kartrite’s Kurse Haunted House. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be a-dazed as you navigate creepy corridors that include accursed depths of Egyptian pyramids, pirate catacombs even a collapsing maze!

Keeping costs simple, Camelback’s Monster Mountain has individual ride plus packs featuring Triple Thrills and something in the middle with Double Bundles…