Country Junction Catches the Escape Room Craze

As the Escape Room craze sweeps across the nation, Country Junction jumps right in the situation with four intriguing attractions: Zombie, Apocalypse, Titanic, and Vacancy. With Halloween the main scene this fall, a terrorific-time is to be had by all as each room caters to anxiety for a variety of cravings.

The Waldorf Estate of Fear states its name quite clear housing three Zombie Escape Rooms. Take two that are utterly terrifying with performers playing the “not so live” undead. Then consider something less intense instead, with the third remaining life less leaving the breathing to guests by themselves.

Country Junction Events Center plays its part as another Escape Room location. With Apocalypse—the trip with a world’s end theme, reliance uncertainty puts post apocalyptic players against a survivor that takes you in but may not lead you out. Then there’s Titanic where participants take a stint in the ship’s smoking room. Finally, Vacancy virtually sends flee seekers reeling as confusion over an exit strategy from the outdated domicile may take awhile.

Teamwork, brainpower and perseverance are all part of the Escape Room experience. Figuring out riddles and capturing clues play a role in revealing the key to unlock captivity leaving the final unanswered question to be—which room will YOU go see?