Lantern Tours Season… Another Reason to GHOST-to Crystal Cave

There’s something about entering a dark cave that adds a shrilly sinister element holiday thrill seekers just can’t resist. As ghostly experiences surrounding Crystal Cave surmount through the years; this Kutztown destination embraces the situation to share lantern tour tales that are causing quite the stir even among the boldest of adventurers.

Dressed in Victoria era attire, guides give original cave tour excerpts from the 1870’s entwining folklore with eerie accounts as guests walk paths illuminated only by the faint glimmer of lanterns. Some stories tell the tale of those who met their untimely demise lost in the cavern after candle flames expired; others an unfortunate fall amidst basement tavern walls.

Ghostly encounters like loud footsteps and cold breezes; to doors opening then closing, as well as, lights switching on and off send a sense of unwilling anticipation among guests. None more frightening than apparitions of a woman dressed all in white or man in black wondering through the deepest cavernous realm.

As Halloween’s momentum conjures consequential experiences; consider this a dare if you will to visit the deep, dark thrill of Crystal Cave.