Dates to catch Local Musicians Making their Mark with Video Previews

Where can you find fabulous drinks, dining and talent for a relaxing time well spent? Add in no cover charge with a large variety of sounds, then you’ve come around to the right place! Pocono Mountains destinations share spectacular situations to enjoy a night out with talented performers.

Dedicated to sharing those who’ve made it their mission to invest in displaying musicians from across the region takes us to a familiar destination—Barley Creek Brewing Company where owner Trip Ruvane tells all about the entertainment draw.

Calling Creek artists “talented, altruistic and just great people,” he adds, “Having them perform here helps us to connect with the universal language of music.”

Adding, “The artists are mostly playing for the guests, so a lot of cover songs with skilled instrumentals (and yes original scores), just add to the artistry of making fun,” he reasons why finding local lyrists just makes sense.


Taking that experience to a whole new level, This Week in the Poconos magazine lengthens our look inviting local musicians performing at one of our destinations to send in a video or link. Happy to share a taste of talent to come lookout below for a start to videos with who, when and where… then go!

Enjoy This Week’s featured artists…