TWIP ThroughTime…

TWIP Tours TimeThis Week in the Poconos magazine has been in continuous publication since 1932. Under the direction of the Miller family, the magazine has shown Pocono locals and visitors alike, Where to Go, What to Do and What to See for over 86 years.

Let’s take a trip with TWIP through Time as we revisit the images and destinations that have made the Pocono Mountains the top destination it is today starting with a wintery 1963 issue.

It was 50 years ago the name Camelback made its debut on page 12 of TWIP’s See and Ski segment boasting a “680-foot drop to the Alpine style base lodge.” Managing Director of the time, Walter Foeger, designed the trails “using an aerial topographical map and walking every inch of the slope with a 100-foot tape measure.”

Gaze further between the pages and there’s a glimpse of Pocono Manor Inn offering “A Winter-Ful of Fun at The Manor” with an indoor Terrace pool and game rooms.

Memorytown, U.S.A. graces the inside front and inside back covers suggesting readers “Make Yours a Holiday Unique” with “The Place where things today ARE as they Used to Be..” as their motto. The ads invite guests in for a “Special holiday spot for NOW or for the FUTURE” as This Week in the Poconos echoes the destinations sentiment inviting readers to tour Pocono staples that have stood the test of time.

Watch for future issues where we’ll capture a bit of the nostalgia from days gone by.

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