Dining Ideas that Share

For a start, let’s depart from the classic steakhouse and detail Double Cut Charcoal Grill contemporary cuisine in Kalahari Pocono Resort’s taste variety scene. Steaks, chops and seafood blend brilliantly with fresh seasonal fare; while elegant surroundings create an ideal atmosphere for groups or a few.

On to a “New age red sauce restaurant”—Sortino’s Italian Kitchen to come through merely steps away for those who crave to savor authentic Italian flavor. Whether attending an event or enjoying resort stay, traditional hospitality and menu options featuring unique family recipes remind all to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.

Homemade pasta, hand-pulled mozzarella and lasagna dishes deliver hearty satisfaction. A dish assortment featuring familiar favorites, mixed with the opportunity to try a new variety giving piece of mind you’ll find all age enjoyment.