THIS WEEK…Take to the Trees!

Gorilla Grove Treetop Adventures sets the stage for some amazing opportunities to try a unique outdoor experience. So, here’s the story how this popular destination, situated in Kalahari territory, introduces physical activities with ease for all ages.

Take close-to-the-ground children’s courses for a start, where leveled platforms, connected by bridges, build balance and maneuverability skills. Safely harnessed to help with stability, kids can conquer steps and stages; while parents watch with cameras ready.

Encouraging these onlookers to observe, benches and trails offer a comfortable alternative for those in the group who choose to hang around on ground. After all, SOMEONE’s got to grab this Pocono Mountains memorable view. But beware; all too often sitting around to stare at the action stirs a reaction to join in!

So… it’s off to quad racing zip lines with four-at-a-time racing to challenge family and friends. Compete to see who’ll seize the fasted time stirring the serene tree lined scene.

Wear well-fitting clothing and rubber band those long hair strands to avoid tangling while playfully dangling. Sneakers or hiking shoes should be used, so drop those flip-flops and sandals until after.