THIS WEEK Explore Unique Pocono Crafts

As outdoor bonfires and barbecues create cause to collect neighbors, friends and family; fireflies, though eye-catching, just don’t seem fetching enough illumination for pathway navigation. Fear not—Hutton Metalcrafts has the solution!

With unique lantern options, there’s no need to substitute a beautiful garden using a big-box store simple solar plug-in. These clever copper creations are created onsite…and whatta sight they are! From wolf, moose and bear insignias; to tree, fisherman, even feline, all finds radiate a lovely soft glow.

Though more adequately serving an evening purpose it’s true, the daytime view is equally spectacular! Often igniting an interest to take a closer look, each carving’s expertly defined etchings and tones satisfy those inquisitive onlookers that couldn’t resist returning for closer examination.