Good Taste Tally

Explore a Variety of Dining Directions

Whether discussing style or dining; “good taste” can be uniquely defined in the Pocono Mountains. Turning the table to the latter, opts for palate persuasion to try a variety of dining directions. Elegant, romantic cuisine featuring a magnificent scene brings about ideas for destinations like Double Cut Charcoal Grill, Kartrite’s Summit House, and The French Manor . Each offers its own unique atmosphere with Double Cut in Kalahari Resort creating an enjoyably exclusive dining experience offering free valet parking and elegant privacy if preferred. Kartrite’s overlooks Camelback trails with astounding view across the horizon; while, The French Manor magnifies a brilliantly elegant bucolic setting inside and out.

Turning to comfortable, family-friendly food, and festive sights ignites interest in dining spaces like Van Gilder’s Jubilee, Cook’s Corner, Sortino’s Italian Kitchen, or Robert Christian’s. Each offers amazing homemade options, with familiar favorites and a bit of creative cuisine. From finding food the kids won’t frown upon; to hearty helpings named after family, friends and chef inspired combinations these eateries have it all.

Pub-like place settings propel Barley Creek and The Promised Land Inn to great heights on the dining invite list. With live local performances; great appetizers blending with libations for combinations; topped off with plates you’ll salivate for, these two come through.

Not sure if you or your companions will find a preferred breakfast, lunch or dinner selection? Checkout This Week’s What’s on the Menu section with online menus to view helping send you in the right direction.