Intro to the Season’s Where-to-Go’s

Summers are sensational in the Pocono Mountains! Whether seasoned “stayer” or weekend player, one can appreciate some direction with to-do inspection. Let’s share a few early summer edition where’s:

All eyes, nationally (and within a drive), shift to Pocono Raceway as June races seem to set the pace for the start of weekly and weekend stays.

From the ground up…finds those with a love for aviation exploring the skies. Whether learning to fly or taking an air tour, Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport places a unique experience easily accessible to all.

Taking the “Pocono” trend topic indoors adds quaint shops to blend nicely with the mix. Whether a leisurely stroll or souvenir “goal” each destination adds a bucolic feel with country appeal.

Reminding dining delivers outstanding tastes; restaurants offer eat-in options with amazing mountain backdrops and a comfortable atmosphere. Checkout and get a link-thru to menus!

Wrapping up this intro on summer season go’s, let’s close with a reminder to follow This Week in the Poconos editions. Want between weekly where-to’s? Follow us online anytime at plus social media and SHARE.