At Promised Land Inn

Surrounded by thousands of acres of wondrous Promised Land State Park woodlands with outstanding outdoor recreation like hiking, fishing, and hunting; Promised Land Inn embraces exclusivity as the only eatery attraction for miles. Blending bucolic beauty with a family friendly food find; 30-year residents and Inn owners Jeff and Tina Barwick’s focus on “filling the void” continues to attract an audience.

Calling the site a “center of attention” Jeff explains, “It’s nice to do something good for the neighborhood” with increasing popularity promoting the significance of the region.

Carefully preserving select items of the past restaurant’s appeal like exquisite stained glass panels and wood fixtures; Promised Land Inn’s striking floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace captures attention encircled by dining room seating. Comfortable barside gathering gives guests a chance to relax and enjoy libations with beer, wine and cocktails at the avail.

Sure, familiar favorites like flatbreads and wings can be found; but Chef Ryan Steracko smiles at being “two steps ahead” of other restaurants in the radius, offering “rustic food” such as Elk Meatloaf and Trout. Also a vegan-friendly destination, the Inn invites vegetarian diners to try the Chef’s version of the “impossible burger.”

Whether park winter hikers; or summer camping and fishing at Promised Land, rest assured your dining plan is secure with Promised Land Inn. Check them out on Facebook @ PromisedLandInn!

1045 Route 390, Greentown
(570) 676-8790