at Big Brown and Paradise Fish & Pay Lakes

For those who love to cast their reels, Big Brown Fish and Pay Lakes is the place to be. Located in nearby Effort, the pristine waters are stocked with trout and largemouth bass from their very own hatchery. Trout is similar to salmon nutritionally with the Omega-3 fatty acids it contains. Not only is it a tasty fish when cooked but also a healthy one!

To enjoy a day of nature fishing out on the lakes, the rules are really quite simple. You must keep the fish you catch, no wading allowed and no fishing license is necessary. Come on out for a peaceful day alone or bring the entire family to share in the fun. You can bring your own equipment if you have it or they conveniently have fishing poles for rent, bait to buy and a full cleaning station so you can have your catch gutted and fileted before bringing it home. Visit today for all the details. We’ll see you out on the lake!

Big Brown Fish & Pay Lakes
Rt. 115, Effort
(570) 629-0427

AND… Open thru October 13th:
Paradise Fishing Preserve
Rt. 191, Paradise Valley
(570) 629-0422