Crystal Cave Subterranean Splendor

The year was 1872. Eager explorers arrived for a formal opening and illumination of the Crystal Cave. In order for tourists to catch a glimpse of Pennsylvania’s first show cave, visitors paid a twenty-five cent admission, then carried a torch and spare supply of candles entering the dark cavern.

In time, electricity offered alternate illumination dowsing candles, torches and kerosene lanterns. Cement stairs replaced wooden ladders adding new walk “ways” around the cave. Trains, trolleys and stagecoaches that once brought travelers for overnight stays at the Cave Hotel, ceased when day trips took over.

Above ground expansion was established in the late 1960’s with movies added to tour experiences. An ice cream parlor, museum and nature trail; soon joined picnic facilities, panning for gemstones and souvenir shops to make the stop a day tripper’s paradise.

More than 5 million people have explored Crystal Cave. Its charm is that it’s not as large as some of the other caves that have remained in their natural stage. With a passage of merely 1785 feet creating beautiful formations and a greater concentration of dripstone; spectacular views entice visitors from across the Pocono Mountains and

Conservation in mind, a vow remains to preserve and protect this natural wonder. Open daily now through November, this summer institution for a unique family fun solution shows how day-trip planning comes naturally at Crystal Cave!

“The “Ice Cream Cone” was cleaned over Winter 2019, and now it is completely white. It took over 200 hours to remove the years of dust, dirt, and gunk
that developed over time.” — Kathy Campbell, Crystal Cave

963 Crystal Cave Rd., Kutztown
(610) 683-6765