Insight on Building a New Life in the Poconos

Fueled by a pandemic provoked mass exodus from Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey, plus unprecedented low interest rates; buyers seeking Pocono Mountains refuge have turned to the building situation as their choice for relocation. As an exhausted MLS inventory of homes for sale has positively persuaded purchasers to consider creating their own custom living space; thoughts turn to how to build a fulfilling new life in the Poconos.

How to accommodate the new world order of working remote, as commuting is no longer an obstacle in relocating, is an increased expectation. From constructing noise nuisance seclusion; to a “Build right now save later” outlook on energy efficient utility options with a Healthy Home paramount, future homeowners arguably understand the value of constructing a new home with today’s technologies.

Amplifying the EPA Indoor Air Quality and Zero Energy outlook on HEALTHY HOME tactics, John Holahan shares Liberty Homes Custom Builders approach to insuring your investment year round. While quarantine controlled isolation kept us confined; he reminds even before COVID we lived 80% of our time spent indoors.

He explains the benefits of Liberty standards stating, “The savings come in the operation of it, the wellbeing of the occupants from living in it.”

Adding, “Insulation and sealed windowpanes play a part plus the right HVAC system serves a positive purpose, as well as, mechanical ventilation to keep fresh air in and stale air out.” As bidding wars continue to
elevate existing home prices, consider a valuation of building new – the option that comes custom without compromise. Mr. Holahan explains, “There are several very good builders in our area, and we are here to help.”

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