The Beauty of the Season – from the Air!

Did you ever rustle through a pile of leaves and wonder in excitement how they got their beautiful coloring? Leaves change color in the fall through a process called photosynthesis made possible by the presence of chlorophyll. This process requires water. In the warmer months, leaves capture the sun’s energy and stay green. But as the weather outside gets cooler, leaves are shed to slow down moisture evaporation which is hard to replace with frozen ground. Preparing for this time, trees grow a corky layer preventing water from entering leaves. Without water there is no chlorophyll which results in leaves maintaining their rich yellow and orange shades as opposed to staying green.

Nature is absolutely incredible. Did you ever wish that instead of standing on the ground you could get a bird’s eye of it in all it’s glory? Well now you can by taking an Air Tour at Moyer Aviation. On one of the six different air tours offered, you will experience the beauty of the transformation of fall foliage in a completely different light. Choose from tours of the beautiful Pocono Mountains, Delaware Water Gap, Lake Harmony or Wallenpaupack or customize your very own route. This once in a lifetime experience will leave you in awe of the beauty of the Poconos in the Fall season.

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