Bushkill Falls is “The Niagara of Pennsylvania”

Images of the ideal getaway come with a prerequisite it shouldn’t be far away. With higher altitudes assuring you’ll experience natural beauty; a short drive, plus purely magnificent Pocono Mountains scenery, makes the trip to arrive part of the day’s delights. 

Excitement builds with expectations of exploring an assortment of amazing destinations like Bushkill Falls. Christened “The Niagara of Pennsylvania,” this unique attraction displays eight wondrous waterfalls cascading over primeval rocks and slate walls that form part of the region’s uplands. Considered one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful and dramatic natural sights, it’s merely minutes away from Delaware Water Gap near New York and New Jersey.

Plan a day away, to witness the site’s main waterfall as it drops over the edge of a 100-foot cliff into a pool banked by ferns and wildflowers; plummeting another 70 feet through a long gorge strewn with colossal boulders. Two streams flowing down the mountainside feed these falls, as trails and bridges wind through the area opening doors to incredible views.

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Pictured below: “Be a Gold Miner for a Day” at Bushkill Falls Mining Co. – fun and educational for kids of all ages. Stroll walkways along the water, situated to give you the best of views. After your hike, pick up a distinctive memento in the souvenir shop to remember your visit!