Pocono Bait Shop Has Live Bait for All Seasons

Pocono Bait Shop is THE local spot with an outstanding selection of live bait for all seasons – custom tailored for the waters of the Poconos! Now in its 47th year, this shop is fully stocked with freshwater bait, and conveniently open seven days a week. Products are offered in any quantity, with oxygen bagging available. Call ahead with bulk orders, or stop in to browse.

Check out their handy 24-hour bait vending! Worms are kept fresh with constant refrigeration. The vending machine is stocked with Giant Mealworms, Red Trout Worms, and Canadian Nightcrawlers in easy-to-use cups. The machine accepts cash, major credit cards, and Google Pay. Shop open daily from 8AM to 3PM.

Pocono Bait Shop
Rt. 940 at Park Avenue, Mount Pocono
(570) 839-7338