Unique Barbequing

Unique EatsBarbeque Season is upon us and with it comes a growing trend consisting of unique meats and grill ready eats. Whether it’s tailgating time or entertaining at home; many desire to tie on the apron and join in the outdoor splendor setting mouths to salivating with interesting fare.

The Butcher Shoppe’s Marc Zahra welcomes this opportunity to dish out some intriguing ideas on a few distinctive carnivore cravings for the grill including: kangaroo, elk and buffalo. His Pocono Lake store has been preparing exotic meats, as well as prime beef cuts such as rib-eye, strip and porterhouse steak for over 40 years.

The Shoppe’s strong following of residents and second home owners are so captivated by these rarities; they even place orders in advance to be frozen for their return to the city!

Alongside wife Debbie, Marc describes the major difference in grilling delicacies like ostrich tenderloin, wild boar burgers and venison strip loin with less than 3% fat. He cautions, “Don’t overcook them as they will dry out,” recommending, “Simple is better.”

When asked about preparing the cuts beforehand, he strongly opposes marinating as it “Masks the flavor.” Opting for a touch of extra virgin olive oil and a light coating of kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper and granulated garlic with just the sear he says works best.

The Pocono Mountains’ uncompromised outdoor attraction thrives with the thrill to grill driving swarms to the area’s top shops. Enhance the overall experience and whip up a feast sure to create memories!