All Summer Longggg

Here's a weekend celebration destination running all month long rain or shine—Country Junction's wildly popular Weekend Festivals! Saturdays and … Continue Reading

QV- A-rray of Spectacular Good Times

This Week's Special Folk Art & Heritage Craft Highlights Highlights run around 10 am. - 3:30 p.m. unless noted otherwise Tuesday, August 23: … Continue Reading

LOOKOUT! Trail Maps Belowwwww

Rolling hills, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and evergreen forests; the Pocono Mountains offers 2,400 square miles of astonishing natural beauty. … Continue Reading


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A Bit of History on the Falls…

Did you know … Bushkill Falls was visited prior to being officially opened in 1904. In the late 1800’s, the Peters family rented the property to a … Continue Reading

Celebrate – Save & Get Your Feast on

Summertime is fine as a season with reasons to unwind and dine, so what could be greater than adding a weekly saver? Taking the TGIF acronym-hymn for … Continue Reading

Let’s Make a Deal…

This Week's Super Saver Spotlight shines bright on deals sure to inspire the desire to go out for a fabulous time! Proving membership has its … Continue Reading

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