Visit a National Natural Landmark this Spring! 

Boulder Field, located in Hickory Run State Park, is a National Natural Landmark and true scenic wonder. This vast field of astounding stone is actually remains of the last ice advance.

While over 15,000 years ago such rocky terrain was common throughout the Northeast; gradual weathering and climate changes have led to the coverage or elimination of many boulder fields. Only in special places, such as Hickory Run State Park, do these astounding formations remain.

Boulder Field’s surprisingly flat mass measures 400 feet wide, 1,800 feet long and approximately 10 feet deep hosting an amazing assortment of shapes and sizes. A potpourri of loosely packed red sandstone remnants range in size from a few inches to 25 feet long! A trend of angular in the east side, transitions to more rounded shapes in the west end of the field.

An invigorating exploration, Hickory Run State Park is located in Carbon County at the foothills of the Pocono Mountains. Boulder Field is easily accessible by Boulder Field Road or the scenic 3.5 mile Boulder Field hiking trail.

To learn more about this unique natural wonder,
call the Hickory Run State Park Office at (570) 443-0400.

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