THIS WEEK…in the Poconos

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Explore the Town of Honesdale

When you’re ready to travel, the Pocono Mountains will be waiting for you. And once it’s time, what better way to get your feet wet than with a road … Continue Reading

Relaxing Dinners with Live Music

There’s nothing more enjoyable than having a relaxing dinner while listening to the sound of some wonderful, live music. Here in the Poconos good food … Continue Reading

COVID-19 Resources from the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau

CLICK HERE for comprehensive information about COVID-19, and updates throughout the Pocono Mountains region including re-opening resources & … Continue Reading

Bushkill Falls Water Ways

Images of the ideal getaway come with a prerequisite it shouldn’t be far away. With higher altitudes assuring you’ll experience natural beauty; a … Continue Reading


Fish & Pay Lakes Pay Off with a Sporting Day

Fishing around for some fun ideas to do? Whether an avid fisherman-woman-child or new to the sport; fish and pay lakes make the “sure catch” appeal … Continue Reading

Nylon Fact on Candle Wax

Nylons are a great way to bring back the luster in candles! Really! Joel Coover shares how House of Candles suggests reusing your old pair of … Continue Reading


Trails Tender Great Exercise Plus Scenery Plan for some time in the great outdoors this coming Summer! Rolling hills, waterfalls, rivers, lakes … Continue Reading

THIS WEEK’S…COUPONS & OFFERS throughout the Pocono Mountains

Be a Coupon CLICKER...pick a coupon & download the image to save on your next Pocono Mountains Shop, Restaurant, and Attraction visit... Click to … Continue Reading

THIS WEEK’s Area Menu Scene to Choose the Cuisine that Suits YOU

Many local restaurants offer To-Go, Pickup and Delivery options. Confirm details, and open dates & times at each restaurant's website, or call … Continue Reading

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