House of Candles: Sights, Scents & Sounds

House of CandlesSet apart from the commercial district off Route 715 affords the unique charm that is House of Candles. A virtual melting pot of family friendly activities this Tannersville destination recognized as, “The oldest candle shop of the Poconos” tells the tale of the Coover family.

A third generation candle making lineage started back in 1963 transitioning from major wholesale manufacturing to modern day retail blends the sights, scents and sounds with a “Please Touch” concept to the shop. Acquiring the business from his father, Ed Coover joined by wife Debbie, have continued the legacy with son Joel adding candle carving expertise to the mix.

“We use our location to our advantage,” he says describing the picturesque barn yard backdrop accommodating farm animals including two expectant miniature pony mares! While wood carving demonstrations augment the outdoor appeal, industry knowledge and candle craftsmanship enhance the indoors.

A rustic barn siding entry extends and invitation to all to explore floors filled with exquisite creations. While the crisp vanilla scent pulls guests in, it’s the opportunity to experience candle carving, hand dipping using HOC’s FDA approved wax, even designing your own customized candle that keeps them coming back.

Calling the experience, “Something the public really likes,” Coover tells how ideas evolve to lasting memorabilia. From favorite sports teams or recognizable fairytale princesses, to wedding invitations and anniversary photos, the latest in LED tea lighting has carved a lasting niche in the trade.

Creatively waving wax limits, fire starter logs using elaborate wicks have made igniting campfire kindling a breeze. That focus on evolving, translates to merchandise while the advantage of onsite candle making remains a perk in House of Candles’ pricing and product guarantee.

House of Candles

A scenic drive on 715 North between Tannersville & Henryville


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Hand Dipping


Candle Carving Demonstrations

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.