Night Ziplining! Whatta a Scream!

treeventures-hallowscream-lgAs autumn ignites chilling challenges in place to embrace Halloween’s eerie approach, considering the shadowy hours of darkness a favorable time to zip line has Pocono TreeVentures Hallowscream Nights soaring to astounding heights in Bushkill.

Friday and Saturday nights take flight harnessing sensational nighttime fun! Adding Sunday in on Halloween weekend to the amazing mix has TreeVentures spokesperson Gina Bertucci sharing more for the scaring, “Our Hautologist has spent the year designing new ways to give our guests the creeps.”

“For a great evening of fun start with spending time in the [aerial] ropes course and dual racing ziplines that reach 35 mph in the dark,” she suggests, adding, “It is a unique experience during the day and at night it’s even better!”

While the spooky 30 minute Haunted Hay Ride may bring things down to earth, an expanded Haunted Trail houses live actors, creepy characters and an assortment of “Things that go bump in the night.”

Settling down on the ground with a lawn chair and blanket sound appealing? A scary movie shown against Haunted Hollow barn offers an opportunity for a place to chill as others get their thrills.

Hallowscream Nights run from 7 to midnight. Enjoy $39 combo packs that include the Haunted Hay Ride, pumpkin painting, scary movies under the stars, zip lining and tree climbing with headlamps in the dark. Or if you’re in the mood for more of a per play way, Haunted Hay Ride tickets are $12 with ropes and zip line tickets purchased separately at $20 each.

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