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theo-b-price-lg“Hi Mickey!”…The greeting repeated almost in sync with each door opening of Theo B. Price. While this familiar Cresco destination posts the name of its original proprietor outdoors; indoors nowadays it’s storekeeper Mickey Miller many recognize in addition to exquisitely unique buys.

A true anytime tradition, loyal patrons stop in often to enjoy a warm inviting atmosphere and chat. Assured of “A step back in time,” they admire a variety of distinctive gifts from the country store started nearly 110 years ago. From folk art and delectable Stonewall Kitchen goods, to the popular Byer’s Choice handcrafted caroler figurines and accessories that drawing committed collectors in to capture the year’s newest characters.

An opportunity to embrace the holiday season often brings reason for introducing guests to gift basket making with Stonewall goodies. Blue Cheese Sesame Seed and Rosemary Parmesan crackers are ready to accommodate an assortment of toppings from Wild Blueberry, Sour Cherry or Hot Pepper jellies and jams; to Mango Lime Salsa.

Add in special Theo B. Price savings plus the chance to explore this charming Pocono Mountains store and you’ve got the recipe for a fabulous new or ongoing tradition!

Theo B. Price

Route 390 in Cresco