Like the Play…Consider a Stay

The Pocono Mountains—many visit, nowadays even more stay.

So what makes this nationally recognized destination a place where families continue to station themselves and build a future?

Taking time to ask the experts, Lake Naomi Real Estate professionals share the why’s on where all the passion for placement comes from. An agency with over 53 years obliging property interests across Lake Naomi and Timber Trails; whether for a taste of atmosphere with rentals or intent to plant roots here, associates Bob Kasper and Cathy McIntyre tell all about the area “draw.”

Each with community homes of their own, the transplants from afar both agree where they are is the place to be. Fresh air, countless opportunities to step out and enjoy nature, plus recreational options that include hiking and biking for land-lovers; with sailing and fishing for lake and stream, are scenes many seek. A comforting friendly environment where “hellos” and “how are you’s” are common adds to the appeal.

McIntyre agrees, “The feeling of community” made her transition from Staten Island more than 30 years ago. Calling a moderate evolution of the area “accommodating” she notes state-of-the-art hospital facilities, schools and shopping accessibility as important to anyone no matter where they choose to reside.

Kasper, an Associate Broker residing in the area over 42 years, considers clients who become friends and neighbors “key” to cultivating the community, he smiles, “It just works.”

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