Plan Your Visit to The Shoppes at American Candle

Aside from hundreds of unique gift items, candles of all shapes and sizes and some of the most beautiful jewelry you will find in the Poconos, within The Shoppes at American Candle there is a hidden treasure that is the old-fashioned candy room.

The old-fashioned candy room is just overflowing with sweetness of all flavors. Barrels upon barrels of candy offer adults the opportunity to be a kid again and enjoy favorites from their own childhood such as licorice, wax bottles, candy cigarettes and fruit slices. For those who love chocolate you will find nonpareils, malted milk balls and chocolate covered pretzels, just to name a few. There is an unbelievable wall of fudge in a variety of flavors such as sea salt caramel, birthday cake, chocolate peanut butter, rocky road and chewy praline. For the little ones, they will smile from ear to ear as they get to choose from gummy bears in every flavor there is, so much fun! For those who wish to sink their teeth into something a little more formal, there is a section of delicious European candies. These make great gifts if you are staying with relatives or bringing home a souvenir from the Poconos. Recently a Sugar Free section has been added which has chocolates, licorice, fudge and hard candies, so there truly is something for everyone in this extensive candy room!

Within the candy room, you will find Rolley’s Rolled Ice Cream shop. You can have an interactive, unique experience in creating your own delicious flavor of rolled ice cream. Choose your ingredients (cookies, brownies, fresh fruit etc.) and watch it magically transform into your very own creation of ice cream. For adults they can even take it a bit further and booze it up with Amaretto, Chocolate Vodka, Bailey’s, Wine and more! How delicious does that sound on a hot summer day? Adults can take some wines home for purchase too in the Craft Wine and Beer Shop right near the ice cream shop.

Some kind of sweet treat awaits you inside The Shoppes at American Candle. Plan your visit today!