Passion for Performance

Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence“Fostering tomorrow’s love of theater today,” proves protocol passionately pursued by The  Shawnee Playhouse as the admired theatre carries on a long standing tradition of not only entertaining but educating generations in Shawnee on Delaware.

Executive Director Midge McClosky agrees entwining a clever mix of theatrical genres serves as a successful means to, “Touch every type of audience we have in the community.”

The professional performer reasons, “If you like everything you see then you haven’t seen enough theater” as challenging oneself to absorb and assess expressions of all artistic types—a gift bestowed through the arts.

Comedy with Nunsense Jamboree headlining September 18th through the 20th to Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet premiering late October, along with clever renditions of famed children’s theatre classics like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow offer the opportunity to prove this theory.

Summoning children to accept theatre as a “discipline,” she explains, “If you don’t learn to like it as a youngster you’ll never love it” telling of Shawnee Theatrical Arts Resource School (STARS). Since its start nearly a decade ago, STARS has harnessed a child’s “natural gift of imagination and role playing” while nurturing self-confidence and communication skills.

Becoming, “A part of the magic that they create on the stage” through dance, music and hands-on production, STARS has Fall Classes for Dramatic and Musical Theatre forming.  Whether an onstage presence or adoration for audience observation, the Playhouse considers variety as the spice of life offering an assortment of shows for both the young and young at heart.

A staple within This Week in the Poconos magazine’s Entertainment Segment, Shawnee Playhouse’s ever-evolving lineup is right at your fingertips so plan to take-in or perhaps take-on a show!

 The Shawnee Playhouse

552 River Road, Shawnee-on-Delaware