Theater Offers Opportunity to Share a Shriek n’a Show

The Pocono Mountains, known for its natural beauty, country charm and an abundance of outdoor activities, also hosts a thriving performing arts scene. Venues such as Shawnee Playhouse in Shawnee-on-Delaware offer an intimate setting surrounding world-class theater with outstanding comedy series in tune with the season. As Halloween arrives, theatrical inspiration thrives as Scary, Scary […]

The Shawnee Playhouse Introduces Audiences to S.O.P.S.

The Shawnee Playhouse kicks off a spectacular New Year introducing all to the exquisite talent of Shawnee Original Playwright Series (S.O.P.S.) Winners. Worthington Players produced and will perform these original works of area playwrights chosen by an Executive Committee from submissions received in their open contest.  Plays were listened to during Staged Readings and voted […]

Pocono Mountains Map to explore a Wine Lover’s Paradise

Simply click on the image below for your map then hit the trails! Your invitation to explore the unique vineyards and wineries nestled neatly within the beautiful Pocono Mountains landscape awaits as Pocono Wine Trail unmasks the essence of seven exquisite family owned estates all just a short drive from one another. Entwine yourself in […]

Shawnee Original Playwright Series

Inspiring up and coming playwrights to develop their creative flow, Shawnee Original Playwright Series continues to cultivate the creative arts in the Pocono Mountains. This past spring, summoning submissions yet again proved a positive opportunity to reveal the talent flourishing throughout the region. Read by volunteer actors, creations invited an audience to absorb the sights […]

Time to Wait in Line?!?

Ever arrive at a show to find its been sold out or you’ve missed-out on seizing savings with discount tickets? As an endless tantalizing lineup of live entertainment tempts all to the latest performances in the Poconos, why not grab seats online ahead of time with This Week in the Poconos’ In-Publication Shopping! Why seek […]

Passion for Performance

“Fostering tomorrow’s love of theater today,” proves protocol passionately pursued by The  Shawnee Playhouse as the admired theatre carries on a long standing tradition of not only entertaining but educating generations in Shawnee on Delaware. Executive Director Midge McClosky agrees entwining a clever mix of theatrical genres serves as a successful means to, “Touch every […]

Points to Pique Interest: SPOTLIGHT SHAWNEE

THIS WEEK’S SPOTLIGHT shines on Shawnee. Breathtaking views with an assortment of amazing entertainment options. See for yourself… SHAWNEE PLAYHOUSE Shawnee’s exquisite scenery leads to this magnanimous find just off River Road at Shawnee On Delaware. Noteworthy for its entertaining productions fit for all ages. Summer break reveals the opportune time to take in the […]

Ski Area Maps and Information


Shawnee Playhouse Theatrical Splendor Through the Holidays!

Bearing no seasonal constraint, the theater energizes an enormity of senses inviting all to a world filled with sight, sound and emotion. The area’s top performers lend their talent to the Shawnee Playhouse stage eager to share in these year round performances cohesive with the climate. Warm summer breezes subsiding to the autumn chill brought […]

Shawnee Playhouse presents Spring Shows

Still trying to kick your cabin fever? Step out and see a show in the Poconos! The historic Shawnee Playhouse offers exciting entertainment options in April. Immortalized on stage and screen by Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke, William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker tells the story of Annie Sullivan and her student, blind and mute Helen […]